Google’s strange search results…

I’ve enjoyed high search rankings in Google for many years with this blog:, and up until a few weeks ago until a news story about someone with a similar name rightfully knocked me off the top spot in the UK, I was quite pleased that my continued efforts to update and create meaningful content was paying off.

Then two days ago, bam!  I’m down to 172 for the search term “Adam Lewis”, as well as loads of other search terms for which I used to rank highly.  I could understand a gentle drop in the rankings from lack of updates, or a sudden drop if I had started to create spam posts, or maybe if I had malicious code on my site or something of that ilk, but this is completely random?

I thought I’d wait a couple of days to see if it was some sort of mistake, but no, it appears that for some unexplained reason, my site has just lost importance in Google’s eyes.  The only other corresponding event was another news story of someone with the same name getting arrested, but they can’t think I’m him, he’s in prison, and I’m still taking photographs and writing content!

The most upsetting part of this is that the number 4 spot goes to someone who’s set up a blogspot account, added no posts, no description, or in fact, any content at all 🙁

Come on Google, sort it out!

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