BMC Patrol – BMC Performance Manager

Basically for the past five years (as of October 2006), BMC Patrol (Now BMC Performance Manager) is my profession. I dabble in XHTML/CSS, (and am pretty competent in PHP, MySQL, Shell script, PEARL) but overall, this is my mainstay. I’ve developed PSL for anything from basic process monitoring to full management Knowledge Modules, still used by major corporations internationally. I’ve added a feed to the sidebar for now, just so I can keep an eye on what is going on, but I don’t envisage lots of traffic from it.

For some reason BMC have always been quite closeted about their products and I’m yet to find a decent forum/comments board to exhibit my views and opinions. I’d also be happy to help out. Comments please if you find this and you are aware of an arena where this may be possible.

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