Evening all, RSS feeds added

All this is still quite new to me, RSS feeds and the like, but I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve linked in two of the other sites I’m involved with at the moment www.cheaperbycar.co.uk, which I must admit I’m rather proud of. My business partner helped me out greatly with this one, and although it’s not quite finished, it does look very impressive.

I’ve also included another site that’s doing well for us at the moment, www.medtrials.co.uk. We have launched ourselves early into what has become a bitterly competitive market, but we seem to be getting the edge and have some very impressive brands linked to us. All credit to my business partners on this one, we’ve all worked hard and now are finally beginning to reap the rewards.

I’ve also added in the BBC news feed, but that’s mainly for the cricket results.

Time for bed. I wonder if anyone will ever read this post? Comments please if you do! (maybe when I’m super rich and famous)

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