Another Land Rover weekend (back in June)!

After discovering recently that people have actually been reading this blog about the progress of my Land Rover project, I thought I’d provide an update!

It’s now road legal! Valid MOT and it’s been off road a fair few times already, but we’re jumping ahead… Let me take you back to a couple of months ago.

Lack of time and money had meant that the car had been sitting derelict on my driveway for months.  The passenger side window was still Gaffa taped up and the exhaust was missing a whole rear box and had a giant hole in front pipe.  On top of which, the front inner wheel arches were still rotten and there was a giant hole in the chassis.

So, with the help of some very generous friends, we set aside another weekend in sunny April May June and got to work on the window and exhaust.

The exhaust was oddly difficult!  In a discovery the rear axle gets in the way and it’s a bit of a chinese puzzle to get it on, but with a some jiggery pokery and no swearing at all, we got it fitted.

Now all four windows are in operation, rather than just the one!

Stay tuned for the final pre MOT blogs.  Two welding weekends after a failed test meant for a frenzied finish.

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