Quorn broke my microwave!

My microwaveSo my sister bought me this really good microwave when I moved in three years ago, grill with combination and everything. Living on my own, a god send!

As a vegetarian of a decade and quite interested in healthy living (other than the booze and pizza, on the odd occasion), microwave food is now proven to be one of the healthiest methods of cooking vegetables, etc. Great, more use of the fantastically equipped microwave! But then as a vegetarian, I also love eating quorn, a great protein source (mixed with the right combination of foods I may add), tasty and versatile. All great until a single Quorn lamb burger broke my microwave.

Here’s the story, I placed the lamb flavoured burger into the microwave, pressed 3 minutes which I’ve done quite literally hundreds of times in the past, let the microwave do its job, went over to the sink. Out of the corner of my eye, a spark? Stopped the cooking process, pulled said Quorn item from the oven, covered in a big black patch. Very strange I thought, so I put it down to experience. Perhaps, somehow, some shard of metal got in there in the fridge? Anyway, however the metal got in there, or whatever it was that caused the microwave to spark, though little of it.

Two weeks later, new packet of Quorn burgers, popped two in, 3 minutes, went upstairs for a quick shower. Came back down, food cold? Closer inspection, black patch? Several experiments later, broken microwave? Couldn’t even boil a cup of water, ruined, broken, over, in the bin.

So, off I went to the shops, got a new microwave, good deal from Tesco’s actually, grill, not as good as the one my sister bought me, but still a good microwave. Blown up microwave

Tonight, 3 Quorn sausages, already had two from the pack, red pepper ones, very tasty indeed. Popped them on the tray, combination cook, within seconds bright sparks flaying some sort of shards around the stove. Now I’m not one to complain, but am I eating metal? Picked the sausage out and picked the offending bit out, put back on cook and everything was fine?

I’ve sent a mail to Quorn so watch this space, but it really would be a shame to loose this part of my diet as I’ve do thoroughly enjoy the products, but I’m reluctant to eat them if there’s metal in them!

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