Ohrid Lake reflections

Ohrid Lake reflections by adammlewis
Ohrid Lake reflections, a photo by adammlewis on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Not what the name suggests, the lake was far from ‘Ohrid! Fed from springs from the surrounding mountains and pumping water in from underneath the lakes surface it’s one of the purest lakes of it’s size in the world. The visibility through the water in 22 metres!

Lake Ohrid sits at the south of Macedonia and borders Albania to the east. Teaming with fish which you can see clearly through the water, we travelled on one of the few larger boats allowed to travel across it’s waters and I took this simple snap of one of the surrounding mountains.

We barely said a word, which is rare for me, as we travelled for 45 minutes from Sv Naum back to the town of Ohrid and admired the views.

Famous for it’s trout and pearls, the lake is teeming with life, and has over 200 endemic species, however, the trout is currently in danger. Fishing has been banned for this particular species in Macedonia; shamefully the Albanian’s have taken to using dynamite to extract the fish from their smaller section of the waters.

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