Getting closer to the top of Google!

Here’s the latest stats in my Google campaign. I’ve not really dedicated any time to this lately, just let the autmatic WordPress updates to technorati and the search engines work away. The positions have still risen, but I think I need to do a natty design and get it listed on all the CSS showcase sites, etc. I just haven’t got the time for that at the moment so I think I may start to slow down in my google acceleration!

Interestingly though, is number one in MSN world wide! Click here to see. As it wasn’t what I was initially after, I’ll continue with these Google articles until I get there! (probably never!)

Yahoo however isn’t so good, 6 in the uk and 50 odd on .com. I’ll worry about that later! – adam lewis – 69 (very apt!) previously 96 – “adam lewis” – position 59 previously 110 – adamlewis – position 3 previously 3 (no movement 🙁 ) – adam lewis – position 7 previously 12 (cheaperbycar is still 1) – “adam lewis” – position 9 previously 17 (cheaperbycar comes in at no 2, grrr!) – adamlewis – position still 1 – can’t get better than that!

Watch this space! And check out Best Served Cold, (, it’s really coming along well with content. We’ve had it listed on various css sites, sadly not yet cssmania, for some reason they don’t like it.


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It’s surprising exactly how many Adam Lewis’s there are in the world! We could have a party with name badges. 🙂

so when people are searching for me, they will have a better chance of finding you? I’m not sure I like that 😛

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