Near the top of Google – but wrong site :-(

Ironic, but true, my site is now 4th on for the search term ‘adam lewis’, but it’s the wrong site!!!!

Google screen shot

If you go to, type in adam lewis and click search, another site I’ve produced ( appears as number 4. Not exactly what I was after!

However, the other results are still promising. A bit more work next week and I’m hoping to push the results even higher! – adam lewis – 96 previously 112 (really 4th, but doesn’t count) – “adam lewis” – position 3 previously 110 – adamlewis – position 3 previously 7 – adam lewis – position 12 previously 14 (cheaperbycar is no 1) – “adam lewis” – position 17 previously 92 (cheaperbycar comes in at no 2, grrr!) – adamlewis – position still 1

It’s strange as cheaper by car never used to rank very high at all with my search terms, but since I’ve started writing these articles, it appears to have soared. Not only on the “adam lewis” search terms, but public transport debate terms and stuff.

Cheaper By Car is basically a site we produced to try to highlight the public transport situation in the UK. More to provoke a discussion rather than exhibit an opinion, but it seems to be doing well in the search engines, and gets quite a bit of traffic.

Anyway, lets see if the results are the same next week and see if I can overtake my own site!!

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