Three men in a car crash

They all die and find themselves standing at the gates of heaven talking to Saint Peter.

Peter talks them through all the facilities and what they should expect and tells them they’ll need some sort of transport whilst they’re up there. He turns to the first man and asks “Tell me, how many times were you unfaithfull to your wife?”.

The first man fidgets, and knows that he cannot lie to Saint Peter, he replies “5 times”.

Saint Peter tuts and, writes this down on his pad.

“Then you shall drive around in a Austin Mini”

He asks the second man the same question. “Once only” the man replies. Saint Peter marks this down and says “You shall have a Ford Focus”.

The third man proudly replies when asked the same question “Never, I was always faithful and true to my wife.”

Saint Peter is impressed, marks it down and points the gentleman over to his brand new Bentley!

Weeks later, the two less faithful men bump into each other whilst scooting around heaven, after a quick chat they decide to go and find the other man. They drive round for some time and eventually find him sitting on the kerb next to his Bentley crying.

They ask “What’s wrong? You should be over the moon, look at the car you’ve got!”

The man replies, “I just saw my wife”.A skateboard, old school

“Surely that’s a good thing to be reunited in heaven with your loved ones?”

“She was riding on a skateboard”

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